walking the beauty way

We envision this to be a growing tribe of creative beloveds, growing our dreams together...


aka Hari Priya

Alohahonoring the breath of life that we all share.

From a deeeep love for this earth and her creatures, Hanna feels she is here to sing the rebalancing and harmonizing of these times, using the sound current to nourish and inspire.

She loves living in community, growing and preparing food and plant medicine, speaking Spanish, learning new languages, practicing Kundalini Yoga, hugging, being reborn each day, and experiencing  this glorious adventure of Life.  


Crystalline supreme she flows through,

Permanent Purity dancing in the Center,

Awaken spiral Water of Life!

Self~love, embracing our innate beauty, AWAKE and here to serve our earth, the ever growing love and vitality of our human collective and mother earth. 

Healing ourselves as we heal the earth! 

Musica sacred song, Plant medicines, growing food, doula and birth wisdom, intelligence of water, body wisdom, yoga, community building